Friday, August 21, 2009

Hey Guys,

I know its been a while since i actually wrote a blog ,but i just been so busy lately. Ive been going to the gym everyday! Ill post some pictures of that later, but yeah, ill try my best to write more often. So let me tell you all whats been going on in my life. So i haven't been writing my book either lately, i guess Ive been slacking a little. Your probably wondering OK if you haven't been on the Internet or writing your book then what are you doing. Well like i said Ive been really doing extreme workouts because i was trying to get my body right for my vacation in San Diego,however, i just recently found out that we aren't going anymore after 3 long weeks of extreme workouts and excitement, but i doesn't matter to me anyway because it was really for a 8 year old child's birthday. Here is the freaking kicker though. Instead of going to San Diego Sea World he wants to go to freaking Johns "Incredible" Pizza. I tell you about kids these days.So that's whats been going on. Once again, Ill try my best to write more and also what are some of y'all Favorite T.V. shows that's out right now? I spend a night over my cousins house every Thursday to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta. Its really good. My favorite girl is Sheree! I like her,shes great! Well I have to go now! Make sure you all add me as a friend on and follow me on

Peace be with you all,
The Aaron Moore

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