Sunday, August 23, 2009

Becoming Lean ,but Gaining

Hello Everyone,

As you all may know i have been really working out and eating very healthy ,but I'm confused about something. i recently stepped on the scale and it was 3 pounds more than what it was. Now i was kind of taken aback ,but i didn't freak out to bad. I know Ive been doing a lot of intense workouts and eating healthy so i really did question the weight that it displayed on the scale monitor. So being very Aaron-ish i hopped on Google. I get on Google for everything;its the best search engine invented. Back to what i was saying, so i got on Google and I looked up " Loosing inches, but gaining pounds" and i got the answer that i had been expecting. Prior to looking it up i knew that muscle weighs 3 pounds more than body fats. So for example, if i loose 6 pounds and gained 2 pounds of muscle it will replace those six pounds i lost. so the scale will look the same and my body will show results. That also answers my question about weight loss commercials the people that are on the commercial always say how many inches they lost of their waist oppose to saying how many pounds they lost.I know for sure that i myself is really thinning out. And what i really love about gaining that extra muscle from power training is that when i do my Cardio, i burn much more calories than if i wasn't gaining muscle. The more calories burned the more fat go!ill keep you all posted on how I'm doing with all of my fitness endeavors! So to the people out there who are confused about this same thing, you have no worries your LOOSING INCHES! Let me know what you guys think. email me at:

Peace be with you,
The Aaron Moore

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