Friday, September 4, 2009


It's been a while since i blogged, but you guys know ive been REALLY busy.OK,so the other day was really crazy! Let me start off all the way from the beginning. Well let me say this I have been wearing my glasses for a while now and I'm ready to get the contact lenses! So I had an appointment with my new optomologist and she was really great! She was nice and humble and basically an over all good person! I'm enjoying her,however, my mom on the other hand is giving her all types of fever! Here you have this lady that's about to prescribe me contact lenses for the fist time and then you have my mom giving her fever. She was rolling her eyes at her,telling her whatever, Acting like she doesn't understand what the lady was saying and she was acting like she didn't understand my optomolgist and giving her all types of faces like she hated her or something. So my mom left the damn office after were done and I had to wait for my prescription. So when I get in the car I ask what's going on and she was just like " I don't like her" I thought with no explanation why! After that I called my cousin, who is also my workout partner and I was like "Hey, what's up, are u ready to workout" and she's like I'm already at the gym. So I'm like, "oh, ok" and we hang up the phone. So I told my mom "Hey after we leave the mall can u drop me off at the gym because my Workout partner is just leaving the gym and I wanna workout twice today as well. Now were at the mall and when I go to the mall I at least buy 1 to 3 things. Today I bought an Ed Hardy shirt and a Star Wars shirt and I also bought 3 pairs of skinny jeans (which I will soon put in another post to show you all) so we get to the register and purchase and everything goes smoothly. I walk around to the watch section at Macy's. Now here is a lesson to all of my readers out their. So I go to the G-Shock Section and I'm already knowing I only have $89 in my pocket! So I go to the watch stand and I say, "How much is this mam' " she says $130. |THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH| you say, "Okay", and then you ask how much is another one. Then after they tell you the price of both of them you say, " ill be stopping by later to pick that up, Can u hold it for me" and then you leave knowing damn well your not stopping later! Which is exactly what I did! So we leave the mall and we arrive in the plaza. I tell my mom to drop me off at target so I can walk to the gym after I drink my Starbucks! So as usual I go to Target pick up me a book take it to the starbucks are and order my Chai Tea, Drink it and Read. So I'm sitting down drinking my starbucks and reading "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks and next thing you know this girl that I know walks up to me and was like "Hi, Aaron" I was very shocked when I looked over my book and it was her. Me and this girl never really agreed on to many things ,but you know being the good person I am I stood up and gave her a hug. And here is the Chakdonlada. (Chakdonlada is my new word meaning the turning point or conflict) so she goes..I haven't seen you since graduation. Im thinking to myself DUH and I didn't want to see you" and then she looked like she gained about 6 pounds which is just Dreadful! Now I will not say who this person is because they aren't worth my blog and You can only be worth this blog is if your a Celebrity, Miracle Worker, Charity Donator or someone who speaks the gospel and things of that nature. But anyways I started to offer her to go to the gym with me because by the looks of it, if she shook an 8ball up and said "how is my weight" the damn thing would have said "Outlook not so good". Lol. Now I leave target to walk across the parking lot and go to my gym and guess who I see! My old elementary friend dad who ran for district council and all that and let me tell you it was amazing!..I looked up to this guy when I was in first grade! So it was great meeting him again! We chatted it up and he gave me his Business card which I will post a link to it beneath the blog! But what I learned from today is that no matter where u are u can always meet good people or bad people,Not necessarily bad people but people who you may not like as much as others. So always be polite , you may not know who u run into, could be a millionaire. You never know!

Peace be with you all,
The Aaron Moore

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